All Hail The Cconly Chicken Plucker!

The JAZ Farm chicken processing station is fully armed and operational!  If anyone is thinking of raising their own chickens for meat I can’t recommend a plucker enough!  We started this morning around 7 am and commenced processing our 30 roasters.  By our estimation, all of them weighed in somewhere between 5 and 7 pounds .  Some were so big that we had trouble getting them into the shrink bags.  The plucker, after sufficient scalding, had 95+% of the feathers off, two birds at a time, in around 30 seconds.  Had we had to hand pluck it would have taken two days.  We had them in the freezer, the work stations cleaned up and put away by noon!!

These birds arrived May 12th.  They were hatched on May 10th.  8 weeks later they were upwards of 8 – 10 pounds a piece.  All organic, able to range (although they never liked getting too far away from their food and water), and no drugs.

A smoked paprika rub is in order for this evening!

All in all, another success!!

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