Gardening Update

The garden is starting to feel like, resemble and produce like a garden!  I am noticing some soil deficiencies and perhaps a high saline content as some things are a bit yellower than they should be.  Something to work on for next season.  BUT, we have canned tomatoes, picked beans, cucumbers, squash, and garlic.  At the farm proper, the Black Beans are getting beans!  The potatoes look amazing, the Amaranth is getting seed heads, corn is getting ears and we ate our first carrots and beets today!  Wow the sugar content is so much higher than the store.  The onions are starting to bulb and the eggplant seems to be liking it here a bunch.  The Asparagus is getting lots of feathers but it too is showing some yellowing.  The star of the hour are the pepper plants.  As I posted several posts before, the pepper plants were decimated in the hail storm.  They have since re-flowered and are starting to get peppers!  The Tomatillos are loaded with flowers but any of the fruit they have produced have been on the small side.  I am going to go out with the backpack sprayer next week and continue with the fertilizer routine.  That may help clear up some of these problems.  After all, except for the composted horse manure, the soil is practically all sand.  Between winning the battle against bind weed, the plants showing life and health, the grass being cut back, and a taste of the first carrots, the place is feeling very farm like.  Next weekend Aaron and I stake out the pig pen and start digging the post holes.  Onward and upward!



First Carrots!  YUM!!


Feed corn


One of four Black Bean beds



Black Beans, Potatoes, Amaranth and Green Beans





Sweet corn


Carrots and Beets


Multitudes of Acorn Squash




Recovered Peppers of many sorts!


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