Massive Quantities of Pickled Beets.


This recipe made the farm house smell like my grandmother’s place when we would visit in Iowa!  The Cinammon , clove and vinegar plus the earthy aroma of the beets took me WAY back!

We made over 21 lbs of pickled beets today.  25 pints.  There are at least that many in the garden right now but most of those will likely be juiced.

We luv the farm!


3 comments on “Massive Quantities of Pickled Beets.

    • aghippie says:

      Ya they turned out pretty good! Its very messy but fun! You can easily turn your entire kitchen purple for the effort!

      • Farming is so messy…you should see my kitchen when I harvest turnips. Dirt on the floor, on the counter, in the sink. Turnip greens soaking clean in bowls, waiting to be blanched and frozen. But it’s oh so worth it! Besides, that’s what they make brooms and sponges for. LOL

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