We Got This Stuff Wired!

I am sooooo happy to see that there have been far more successes than failures on the farm.  Our first gardening attempt in unknown soil, unknown conditions, flying by the seat of our pants after over a year of blood sweat and tears has come in with a significant amount of satisfaction!

I was noticing the other day that one of the rows of potatoes was starting to die back.  At first, considering how many setbacks we have had, I thought they were getting blight.  Not uncommon, it was a large contributor to the Irish famines.  But then it dawned on me that this is August and these are 85 day potatoes and this is day 85 ish.  So, to test my theory, I pulled up the plant on the end of one of the rows and VOILA!!  Taters!!  While we are headed back to the shitty today and going out to dinner for Zina’s birthday, next week will begin potato harvest!  If this one plant is any indication of what is happening all along the rows, we are going to have taters out the wazoo!  We planted 180 row feet (3 different kinds) and they look to be doing what potatoes are supposed to do!

I’m thinking, yup, we got this homesteading thing wired.


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