When we got our meat bird chicks back in May the hatchery sent us a “mystery” bird as a bonus.  It is always a guessing game as to the sex and type.  Our last mystery bird we guessed as a female until we caught “her” crowing.  He has now become one of our nicest and most protective boys.  This bird we guessed as a rooster and is now laying eggs.  Guess we suck and guessing!  So now that we know HE is a SHE we had to figure out what breed she is.  We have settled for now on Americauna.  She has the pudgy cheeks and feathering of one so until we see or hear differently “Squirtel” is a female Americauna.  Any opinions?

IMG_3703            IMG_3702

One comment on “Americauna?

  1. says:

    Yeah for Squirt!!!!

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