A Film Everyone Should See

A new documentary entitled “Fed Up” has hit the scene.  It is narrated by Katie Couric and I must say it nails what is wrong with our nation’s eating habits and our food system today.  It is quite an eye opener and for anyone who cares why we have a diabetes and obesity epidemic this will pretty well put it in perspective.  My family has watched it.  Having a 19 year old son who has been influenced by food advertising and led to believe that processed foods are some how “real” foods instead of food like substances, it really opened his eyes.  Sugar is the new cocaine.  Watch this and recommend it to others.  You might just save someone’s life.

Because of this film I am attempting to go as sugar free and processed food free as possible.  Indeed that is the cornerstone of why JAZ Farm exists.  My weakness isn’t so much sugary and processed foods as it is liquid calories…. in particular, wine (hear me sobbing as I write).  If one is to be able to be active and energetic as the years go by, the old jalopy of a body needs to be kept in shape.  You can’t have clear and efficient fuel lines if you keep stopping them up with goo.

Watch this show….  everything you may know about food could very likely be wrong.  Don’t torture yourself by saying you are going on a “diet”.  Make it a change in lifestyle.  I did, and I am adding this to it.



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