The Ending Of The Harvest

This is just a catch all update to wind up the 2014 harvest.  We have yet to have a freeze so many of the plants would and do continue to produce.  However, knowing Colorado pretty well, if we were to let these go until the first freeze it would likely be accompanied by a foot of snow!  So we have started putting the beds to sleep.  This involves pulling up and composting the plants, spreading compost on the beds and adding fertilizer, covering them with straw and then covering them with staked down burlap to keep it from all blowing away during the winter blizzards.  Its a big job but just like the saying, “How do you eat an elephant?  Answer:  One piece at a time”  A couple of beds per weekend and we will have it all done in a month.

Between the harvesting that Zina did while we were away for astronomy and the harvests of the past two weeks, we have put up more potatoes and squash, dehydrated a bushel of peppers, made beet and carrot juice and frozen it, and finished up shelling the last of the beans.  It has been amazing.  The food is SOOOOO good.


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