Pigs On Hold

The poor piggies!  There is a virus of some sort that has come in from China (figures) that is decimating hogs here in the US.  It causes some sort of diarrhea which causes the pigs to become dehydrated and die.  We had assumed, wrongly, that it was mostly confined to industrial CAFO production.  It turns out that it is very pervasive.  Homestead flocks are getting wiped out as well.  The breeder we were going to use for our 3 little pigs had a litter of eleven and they all died.  Most of the Craig’s List breeders don’t have any either.  Even the pigs being bred for show that 4H kids buy are dropping like flies.  I have several messages in to some potential suppliers but it will be a crap shoot.  So we have the waterers, the feeders, the electric fence, the pen built and the shelter that damn near killed me, but no pigs.  Not a big problem as it has made the spring work a bit less than anticipated.  We will just take them as we can get them.  But for now, hopefully the vets can get a handle on this thing.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, Globalization sucks m’kay.

IMG_3893 Pig pen

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