The Wheat Field

Oh ya, almost forgot.  Our newly planted spring wheat field is GROWING!!  The plot is 70 x 50.  Half is Alfalfa.  It is a legume that helps bring nitrogen to the soil.  Once grown we will til it under and it will be come compost.  This is known as cover-cropping or green manuring.  It is a way to re-build the health of the soil.  Next year we will plant the wheat where the Alfalfa was and vice versa.  Next up is to til up another patch similar to this one in order to grow dent corn for corn meal and chicken feed.  Its working!!!



Itty Bitty Alfalfa:


All The Accommodations In The Pigatorium Are Finished

In anticipation of the 3 Little Pigs arriving this week we finished putting in the wallow.  Pigs don’t sweat and the reason for them slopping around in mud is to keep them cool.  We are already up to 80 degrees in the very early spring and Zina and I have been out gardening in well over 100 F.  So this morning we fitted the tractor with the middle buster and dredged up the dirt and made a place for about a 10 x 10 mud hole.  We are going to run a sprinkler into the middle of it that we can simply turn on when necessary to keep it sloppy muddy and cool.  In addition to the shelter, and the shade gazebo they should be all set.

Because we are running an electrified wire around the perimeter of the pen, we had to pull, knock down and weed whip all of the grass down around the fence.  The wire will be only about a foot off the ground to keep the pigs from trying to uproot the fencing and if enough of the weeds contact the wire it will short to the ground and become ineffective.  Zina had the sickle out and I got on the weed eater.  All seems to be set.

One brain malfunction.  I dug up the wallow with the plow on the back of the tractor and then set about shoveling out the dirt. I wanted to make sides on it to kind of keep the water in the “pool” for them.  About a third of the way along it dawned on me that the tractor is fitted with a front end loader.  Why the hell was I out there with a shovel?  About 10 minutes later the little tractor that could had the whole thing completed.  Bring on the pigs, bring on the greenhouse!

The hotel, gazebo and hot tub!  IMG_3907

Waterers and FeedersIMG_3908

Farmer Juan wiped out laying at the foot of the manure pileIMG_3912

But but but, that pen looks nicer than MINE!!IMG_3917

Uh Oh! Rooster Alert!

As the new chicks grow up their adult features are starting to show.  We always opt to receive a “mystery bird” from our hatchery when we order new babies.  The first was a rooster and he has turned into a fine specimen.  The second was a female Ameracauna and has turned into a fine layer of blue eggs.  This time around we thought we had a Jersey Giant or Australorp female but looking now at the adult photos against our own we may have ourselves another rooster.  That simply can’t happen.  So we will be keeping our eye out on this one.  Very pretty bird but the thought of 4 roosters again is simply too much.  They are noisy as all get out.  Well….. we always need chicken stock.

IMG_3936 IMG_3926 IMG_3925 IMG_3921