Uh Oh! Rooster Alert!

As the new chicks grow up their adult features are starting to show.  We always opt to receive a “mystery bird” from our hatchery when we order new babies.  The first was a rooster and he has turned into a fine specimen.  The second was a female Ameracauna and has turned into a fine layer of blue eggs.  This time around we thought we had a Jersey Giant or Australorp female but looking now at the adult photos against our own we may have ourselves another rooster.  That simply can’t happen.  So we will be keeping our eye out on this one.  Very pretty bird but the thought of 4 roosters again is simply too much.  They are noisy as all get out.  Well….. we always need chicken stock.

IMG_3936 IMG_3926 IMG_3925 IMG_3921

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