Our Chickens For The Next Year

Our newest layers have been growing and becoming a part of the larger flock.  It is so picturesque to see them free ranging around while we are out doing chores.  A couple of the bigger breeds have started laying small pullet eggs and we expect most to be laying regularly in the next couple of weeks (they usually start when they are around 22 weeks old).  Our mystery bird included with the batch this time is another rooster.  We call him Jersey because he is a Jersey Giant breed.  He will replace a nuisance rooster who we are now calling stew.  He attacked my mother and gave her an unbelievable bruise on her leg.  She was opening a corral gate for me to get the tractor through.  The rooster was near the gate with her ladies and grandma was a stranger and a threat.  He got his hackles up and spurred into her shin.  It was a direct hit.  Its a good thing it was through jeans otherwise I suspect we would have been taking a trip to the hospital!


The layers taking turns in the nesting boxes

IMG_1206 IMG_1208

Our newest 50 broiler chicks growing up very fast!

IMG_1248 IMG_1247 IMG_1243 IMG_1242

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