Now We Really Feel Like Farmers

In order to get the pigs to the processor we have to have some means of transportation.  So Craig’s List and I got acquainted.  I was able to find this trailer for pretty cheap just up the road from our house in town.  We figure we will be using it quite a bit over the years.  We are considering raising our own pigs, so transporting them in a trailer would be quite convenient.


And to make sure that everyone knows that we have completely lost our minds, we are also considering other livestock as well.  We need a reliable source of compost as well as some herbivores to help keep this place mowed down.  We are a huge grass field and sometimes it can feel like it is completely over-taking us.  A family cow will produce up to 15,000 pounds of manure per year.  Goats can graze down virtually any weed patch in no time flat.  So we are contemplating putting up a livestock barn to house them both.  We aren’t much into dairy so we don’t think we will be doing it for that purpose (plus, unless I retire, I can’t be here everyday for the daily milking that has to be done).  So basically we need poopers and lawn mowers.  This will mean a lot of fence building though.  Stay tuned!


2 comments on “Now We Really Feel Like Farmers

  1. Bradley Scott Roon says:

    You may want to consider Dexter cows. Pretty small. Dual purpose. In N.Cal here, we have goats and they are good on the weeds, the fence-line blackberries, brush, etc – but the grasses are not as eaten. Getting the Dexters would help there, give a better mix of cleaning up our paddocks (ours are smaller, but probably support more livestock/acre) better variety of poompage, and if we can get the pigs interested in the blackberry roots like Sepp Holzer says – well, that would be sweet.
    We follow the goats with chickens like Joel – and the flock by the barn/coop has reduced the summer fly population by at least a factor of 6. EAT THOSE FLY EGGS, BABES!

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