Zina and the 2015 Wheat Harvest

ITS THE WEEKEND!!  Off to do the chicken and pig chores!  One piece of entertainment is trying to get all of the chickens back in the coop after a day of free ranging.  We have a couple that we have described as Road Runners.  They are very slender and very flighty.  If they get scared they won’t go back into the fenced in run in the evening and you can spend some time going round and round trying to herd them up!

I have to apologize for a couple of the videos previously posted.  I linked them from Facebook.  If you don’t have a Facebook account you will not be able to make them play.  Also, because I HATE Facebook, I sometime suspend my account there to get away from the insanity of the ego that presents itself there.  When I do that they also won’t play.  My son has volunteered to help me learn how to post videos to You Tube.  Once I learn how to do that, then the videos we make of the place should play for everyone following along.  We may even make a JAZ Farm YouTube account and post things there as well….. don’t hold your breath though.

We are in the midst of everything growing (thanks to the wet year we have had – WEEDS TOO!)  We are learning slowly, because this is a “hobby” farm that we need to do a few hours every day and that helps us keep up without feeling like we are running around panicked.  Because we had to process chickens last weekend and because my clients somehow insist (the nerve) that my real job has to take precedence over the hobby, things can get away from us quickly.  We had the weeds in the garden pretty well caught up….. not any more!!!  We figure that of the 18 raised beds that if each of us do 3 a day on the weekend and if I do a couple during the week, we can keep up.

Zina came out today (Friday) immediately changed clothes and is out cutting down the rest of the wheat.  It actually looks like we will get back more than we planted.  For a first try at this it seems to be going quite well.  We will get several bushels of straw for the coop and grain for bread for the rest of the year.  Can’t ask for more than that.  The hard corn is another story.  I think the seed was bad and it isn’t doing what we hoped….. something to improve upon for next year.

I have laid out the ground framing for the greenhouse and I hope to have that up by the end of the Labor Day holiday weekend.  It will be such a relief to have that up and functioning finally.

IMG_4010 IMG_4012 IMG_4013 IMG_4014

The chickens from last weekend put into the freezer!

Birds 2015

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