Quite A Construction Weekend!

The greenhouse frame is up and all squared, anchored, and plumbed.  It is all ready for the roof plastic.  We had to keep the door walls off of each end because before we enclose it we have to place the raised beds and fill them up using the tractor – which won’t fit through the door.  Also, when we put on the roof, one person (me) will be on the tall ladder and the other (Aaron) will be in the back of the pick-up holding it in place while I screw it down.  Once the bed boxes are in and placed we will assemble and cover the doors, end walls and side walls.

This was a huge project that has been hanging over my head for a year!  While the dealings with the company were absolutely a nightmare, this is a very sturdy, well built structure.  I have a hunch it will do quite well during our spring storms.  Hopefully, we will be growing greens and cool weather crops during the three non-summer seasons and that the more delicate plants won’t get creamed during our Rocky Mountain runoff spring storms.  That will keep out of the grocery store a LOT!

Thanks to Aaron for all of his work.  Sorry it was so hot and humid and heavy.  The sunburn will heal!

IMG_4018 IMG_4019 IMG_4020

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