Wind, Ulcers and Lots More Progress!

I have been playing a bit of hooky from work this last half of August.  I usually do as I used to take off for archery elk hunting.  Aaron came back from town today and there must have been damned near a tornado.  No sooner do we say that it looks like the greenhouse stayed up for the day we were gone that we saw the unattached plastic…. EVERYWHERE! There was even a piece behind the house in the wheat field over 100 yards away!  This is what it looked like:


Needless to say we kind of freaked until we discovered that none of it was damaged.  A contractor once told me that the need to pick up a sheet of plywood is directly proportional to the velocity of the wind!  No truer words were ever spoken!  These pieces of plastic are pretty light and pliable.  They must have just lifted up from the wind during the thunderstorm and they turned into kites.

It was MUCH cooler today so Aaron and I set to it.  We got the rest of the roof on and the side walls.  We had one incidence when the wind took one of the panels and threatened to rip two others off.  Wind SUCKS!!  Especially out here!

BUT!  It looks awesome.  I will not disclose any of our “errors”  As far as all readers are concerned… it is absolutely perfect:

GH7 GH8 GH9 GH10

Tomorrow we will start building the door wall frames and begin placing the raised beds who’s boxes have been sitting outside since last February!  Finally!

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