This Thing Is Just About Finished!

Of course now that the more tedious parts of the greenhouse project need to be done, my son started back to school and we are in a heat wave!  While the last remaining pieces aren’t that difficult, I have been forced inside because of the 95 + F temps we have been having.  The walls are up and the door is covered on the back.  I couldn’t keep going today it was just too hot.  So the last steps are to cover the front door, caulk the seam where the roof and the front and back walls meet and then add the decorative trim.  I have had to make many round trips to the hardware store (which is about a 2 hour round trip) because the manufacturer shorted me hundreds of the self-tapping screws.  I kept wondering if I was being over zealous about my screw usage but looking at his website I’m pretty sure I am just following the instructions.

I have burned my thumb and I have bandaids on 3 fingers on my right hand where my cutting/grinder raked across the top of my hand.  Self-inflicted battle wounds.  Now that the whole thing is pretty well sealed up, it is a smart thing that we invested in the fans and vents.  It is definitely a greenhouse!  I’ll bet this afternoon it was 110 inside it.  I’m going to have to get a thermometer to hang in there to see how the temperatures fluctuate and adjust with the seasons.  We are all very excited to see this coming to a conclusion.  This is the end of our hands on construction for 2015.  The solar installers start on September the 8th.  All we’ve had to do with that is print up lots of money!

GH Prog 1 GH Prog 2

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