Run Piggy RUN!!

Ever try to catch a piglet when it doesn’t want to be caught and there are no fences to stop it? Better have a good cardiovascular system!! I got quite a workout today. I brought the two new little guys home in the horse trailer. When I opened the door to unload them one tumbled out onto the ground. No big deal, pigs are tough and it was only about a foot drop;  but before I could grab him, he got up and headed for open country and freedom!!

He ran down the road, across the road, through wheat fields, grass fields, through barbed wire, through a tree thicket, met the neighbors, frolicked in the muddy road ditches and then back to the chicken coop! Damn can those little shits run! Keep in mind he is only about 25 lbs, his legs are only about 8 inches long, and he had his little butt takin’ him around the countryside leaving me panting!  Finally, the neighbor dog came out and saw him and decided he wanted to play with it and ran that little porker until it was exhausted. It went to lay by a tree and I snagged him!!  I’m sure we covered over two miles.

Then, because I was so concerned about catching the one that took off, I forgot to securely close the trailer door and the second one got out too!!! It did the same thing but not as far. It heard his brother screaming and came back and hid under the trailer. I got him to come out and he ran into the chicken run! I finally got him cornered and tackled him. What a freaking morning! Just about lost $400.00 worth of pigs and gave myself a heart attack trying to catch them.

We were concerned that the big girls would bully them, but so far they are just being big mommies.  Looks like things ought to be ok.  I’ll be babysitting throughout the weekend just to be sure.  Whew!