Spring is Springing!!

I spent the day today moving plants to the greenhouse and also planting the last of the seeds that need to get going in order to have them ready for the gardens.  Today it was the 3 different types of squash.  The big outdoor garden is primarily for storage type vegetables.  Most of them are root  vegetables but the melons and the squash need to be started ahead of time in order to give them a jump on the season.

I moved the pepper plants out today and introduced a bunch of lady bugs to help ward off the aphid attacks I’ve been having.  The Basil and the peppers all had a pretty good assault in the seedling room.  They could only have come in with some of the potting soil I purchased to get the seedlings going.  They have been maddening.

The tomatoes and tomatillo plants will stay downstairs until mid next week.  We are supposed to get some cooler weather Monday and Tuesday but by Thursday it is supposed to be pushing 90.  At that point everyone comes out of the basement and I can turn off most of those high powered lights!  So as usual, while anxious about whether or not I’ll get all the work done and get the garden in, the one step at a time, one day at a time, never seems to fail.  I just get mental when I can’t see my way clear in my head a way to the end result.

So after all the hassles of actually getting the greenhouse, having it is just about as much fun as I know how to have (yes I’m boring – but a move to a simpler life is NOT a step backwards).  Being able to get the plants out there to get ready for the season is such a big help – not to mention the fact that we have had spinach and lettuce since February!  The big spring weather out here has begun and the greenhouse has endured at least one mild hail storm.  The more ferocious ones are on the way – they always come, but another couple I met when I picked up the pigs had a greenhouse too and theirs has stood up to the ice balls.  Here’s hoping ours will too!