Folks Are Too Asleep.

Why are you making your own placemats, towels, kitchen towels, blankets and napkins? Why not just go to Bed Bath and Beyond? For the very same reason that we grow our own food, make our own soaps, butter, electricity, dry clothes on a line and live mostly off grid. It’s also why we have non-traditional means to cook. My question back: Why do you go to Walmart, the Supermarket, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and make no attempt to be more self-sufficient?

My answer: We are not some baby birds in a Shitty nest waiting for the momma bird to come puke pre- chewed crap down our throats.ADB7D5B5-B793-41FD-995E-E8488D101EF82DFFAA33-2196-43B3-A473-501C616589ACD0A9CCE1-2C5E-4A6F-A6ED-8607712F0DA6FA00DE5B-5DDD-49D2-9921-7220A1AE1E14E2C15AC0-FF06-4342-A23E-8A61B88410ACADA07D06-94A6-490B-911A-D44096A8C502DE0FDF7D-F4E2-4539-B0E6-CD964FCCBECC47848B7C-054A-4FAB-A190-801779999855F280953C-6C19-4FBA-B820-4ED2781D70A78874A88C-DA91-459A-B031-98C8362E15B6

4 comments on “Folks Are Too Asleep.

  1. tonytomeo says:

    In your region, do you find that your sort of lifestyle is becoming increasingly vilified? For example, do building codes require elaborate electrical systems, whether or not you actually use electricity? Are you allowed to collect rainwater that falls on your own roof, or does it belong to ‘everyone else’? Are you allowed to cut down unwanted trees to heat your home in winter? (I do not mean to rant every time I read your articles.)

  2. Ellen Eames says:

    So. You finally left failbook. Or did they ban you for 24 hours? (shrug) I need to get off the interwebs myself and get things done. Next up: Aronia Ketchup, Aronia Jam, Plum Sauce, and Applesauce.

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