Might As Well Get Something Done Before Stormaggedon

It’s almost 60 degrees and no wind.  The calm before it all cuts loose.  The weatherdude just gave us a 100% chance of a blizzard tomorrow with over 75 mph gusts.  Evidently, the farther out onto the plains you go, the more snow is to be expected.  So that puts us at a foot or more of wet heavy slop.  We are definitely east/central Colorado.  Unfortunately, because the mountains are expecting up to 2 feet, that means that very soon when spring runnoff starts we are going to have to contend with hail again.  The last wind storm cost us shingles.  All the other buildings have metal roofs…. just not the house.  Figures.

That being said, I finished up the last of the hail guard frames for the raised beds and tried out the screens.  Looks like they will work.  One down and “only” 26 more to go.  This is the part that pokes and scratches.  I’ll just turn up the radio so no one hears my cherub like expressions and colorful chanting.

Tomorrow is a canning and weaving day intermixed with clearing the snow off of the chicken coop netting.  We had it collapse once under the weight.  Lesson learned.






Battening down the Hatches

The whole county is bustling like a hive of bees.  I was just at the feed store and everyone was talking about getting the generators out, critters hunkered down, and closed up in the barns.  The Colorado beast has awakened.  Whenever a system comes up from the Gulf, it brings a buttload of moisture.  This one, coupled with very low pressure, is bring up an alleged humdinger.  They are projecting 35 mph winds with gusts to 80.  In addition, it is supposed to dump up to a foot of snow, yet at the same time it isn’t supposed to get down to 32 F.  We’ve seen this before….. it’s going to be scary windy and the snow is going to be crazy heavy.  So as with all the other worker bees, Zina is coming home, the batteries are all charged up (because we are sure to lose power), and we will be closing up all the creatures and putting the boy goats, who usually just hang out in a pig hut, into the chicken barn.  Here we go.  Just a typical Colorado spring rain.  Then, of course, it’s all supposed to melt off…. Yay! Mud!