Are we Going To Be Great Goat Parents?

Little Ginger was crying at the corner of the pasture fence closest to the boy goats.  I was working in the greenhouse getting the beds ready to plant and also in anticipation a semi load of planting soil arriving next week.  Taking a break I saw our little one year old bottle baby yearning to be over with the bucks.  So we obliged. Now we wait!  Will we be grandparents to goats?  We’ll know in September.  Ginger went back to the girl flock to show the other does her engagement ring and Dozer broke out the cigars and pranced around looking smug.  Here we go again!  We candle the turkey eggs on Sunday to see how they are doing and now we will be keeping a watch on a goat belly.  155 days seems like an eternity!  Don’t they make the cutest couple?  D9F8F41C-318A-4827-968E-F1D2421CE35D98E2B680-2547-4B4C-B273-CAD199DCA2E116F3C4B9-01D1-43F7-BD85-F535AB376E11302576E8-2442-4E3A-BDB2-5EFDC1A884381A428831-D7DF-4A7A-89BA-A184228A6AAFE7657B44-F625-44E2-BDFF-7E86A2517ACE