At Least It’s Spring In The Seedling Room!

The Second bomb has come and gone.  Not as strong as the first one but we are snowbound and the highway is still closed.  The snow was heavy and it has frozen everything closed.  Zina is out trying to get the barn doors open so the critters can go outside after being holed up for a day and a half.  We are keeping an eye on road conditions to see if we can get Zina to work but if not she’ll work from home again.

It was an excuse to work in the seedling room though.  All the plants that need to be started ahead of time are in and the room is starting to look like a bit of a jungle.  The baby birds are almost ready to go out into the coop.  If we can just get dried out again that would be helpful..  I have a semi load of soil ordered for the gardens and new orchard but he would sink to his axles if it isn’t dried out.  It’s happened before and the ruts are still in the field to prove it.

Plant all the things!