Twins!! Almost To The Day

F7A7715B-332E-4E1E-A464-2D7126D0A8C3ABF630AE-EDAD-4694-B421-6957B24851543198D853-85F5-4D0C-BFA6-B8B06E8B194CWoke up this morning and dragged my butt out to feed.  As usual, Donovan was honking up a storm for hay.  When I got out there I heard the little Baa-ing of little baby goats! Ginger had twins last night.  A boy and a girl!  They are too stinking cute! They probably don’t weigh a pound.  Momma must have been very hard at it last night.  She had them all licked clean and dry.  Really not much of a mess.  Evidently they got fed too.  They weren’t frantic when I was out there.  Momma seemed a little confused, but she was licking them and all seems well.  The faucets are working and the babies seem to know where they are.  So much for the need for human involvement.  All that “Get the birthing kit, towels, and nitrile gloves together” was much ado about nothing!  Of course, we will still be watching.  Ginger herself was rejected by her mother, so we need to make sure they both get tended to.  If not, it will be three or four times a day bottle feeding.  Joy.

So, of course this is very exciting.  We have newborns that aren’t birds or pigs on the farm.  The next evolution has begun.  If you are going to have a farm, as they say in the business book, your cheese will get moved.  Adjust, adapt, or get out.  Once more we stand… waiting to see what happens next.


One comment on “Twins!! Almost To The Day

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Oh my! This is what I missed. I still have a few days of catching up.

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