We Haz Finded Our Legz

While we endured 98 degree desert heat, the little babies were very hot and panting. We spent the day canning and dehydrating yet again.  Tomorrow the beans get canned and the cabbage goes into the fermenting croc.  As the weather cooled in the evening, the babies found their stride.  They also found their legs.  They discovered that they are built out of springs!


One comment on “We Haz Finded Our Legz

  1. tonytomeo says:

    The majority of canning always seems to be done on the warmest of days. Some of the apples have been ready for a while. I normally can applesauce from the ‘Gravenstein’ both because they are the best for applesauce and because most of the trees are ‘Gravenstein’. This year though, I will be doing a lot of ‘Pippin’, which are later. I can lot because there are so many apples, but I would prefer something more ‘useful’. I think that the ‘Pippin’ were grown here a long time go because they were so late, and lasted so long into winter without canning. I don’t store apples or even pears though. I suppose I should do more of that, and less canning.

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