The Fence Continues On

The next step of the garden fence was to tension the corners and the “H” braces.  This gives the fence some rigidity.  On a fence this size when the actual fencing goes on and gets tensioned into place the corners will try to buckle into the middle of the area.  They get pulled inward and the fence can then lean and eventually collapse.  So even though all the posts are cemented in pretty deep, cross posts need to be attached and the corners need to be braced and tensioned to keep everything upright and tight when it is all completed.  The past couple of weeks have involved doing that and I am now to the point of finally stringing the fencing (another trick I will need to learn with a fence stretcher, come-along ratchet and my tractor).  I am trying very hard to get this fence done before winter hits officially.  I am on my way but “real” work keeps getting in the way.  Oh well, at least I always have something to do!  The projects never end!  Here’s hoping that the garden gets planted in the spring!!

IMG_3011 IMG_3010 IMG_3009 IMG_3008 IMG_3007 IMG_3005

One comment on “The Fence Continues On

  1. says:

    Jon….that fence looks awesome!!!! By the looks of the forecast this morning you may be getting snow (as we are supposed to)…I hope you can get the job done soon. The planting should be the reward for all your hard work and dreams!!! Love you… Mom

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