Chickenz Is Tough!

Drove out to the farm this morning.  Car said it was -6. The birds had been left alone for a couple of days because of work and I was very nervous about their well being. When I pulled in they all came scurrying out to see me (of course I’m the guy with the corn too). None of them were any worse for wear. The roosters have a little bit of frostbite again, but since they won’ t let me catch them there isn’t much I can do.

The waterers were overwhelmed by the cold though. The heaters work fine but it is simply too cold. One of the biggest waterers, even though it was directly under two heat lamps was an ice brick. It is currently in the bath tub thawing. I quickly got some fresh water out to them (I imagine they’ve only been without for a day) but they all crowded around to get their fill. I moved another heated waterer out and will watch to see how it does. I’ve decided that I am staying out here until the cold spell breaks to a point where the heaters will do their job. In the mean time I will just haul water out there a couple of times a day.

They are some tough critters. They poof up like basketballs and huddle together on the roosts. All of that fluff and body heat seems to do them just fine. Farmer Juan was very happy to see them all doing well. Perhaps I am the nervous mother hen not them.

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