JAZ Farm Egg Business Is Now Receiving Inventory!

What a surprise!  After over a week of bitter arctic weather, today was in the 50’s.  The waterers are thawed, the chickens were out in the sun, and……..  we have our first 2 eggs!

I put decoys in the nesting boxes to kind of show them where they should go to lay their eggs.  Right now we have 5 boxes (two more are built and in the barn waiting to be hung).  Each of the boxes had three of the ceramic decoys placed inside so it was quite easy to see if there were more.  Today there was!  The birds are right around 22 weeks old now and this puts them right on schedule.  They weren’t very big, in fact one was fairly small.  But they will increase in size as they get a big older.

I think the heat lamps gave them enough extra light that they started to develop their eggs.  We will see in the coming days if there are more or if this was just a one time shot!  But what fun to find your first eggs at the right time and in the right place!  JAZ Farm be havin’ eggs!

Our first eggs-1

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