The Agrarian Hippie Chick!

Everyday gets us closer to planting.  It also makes us feel a bit anxious because the clock is ticking.  This past week we were advised to build windbreaks around the garden.  Folks in the know on the high plains said that one of the biggest reasons a garden fails is because of the Wizard of Oz wind we get out here.  So I have been hanging drift fence and building up the metal wall that is to the north of the garden.  Plans are to put up yet another cedar windbreak to fill out that northern length of the garden boarder.  We are both looking forward to the gardening and farming season NEXT year because all of this building will be over and we can concentrate more on just the fun of gardening.  In building a farm from scratch, EVERYTHING has to be built.  Every time you come up with an idea for the homestead it usually involves heavy things, power tools and a sore back.

With the end of tax season here finally we are both taking some time off this next week.  I will be here for most of the week and Zina will come out for a long weekend.  This week will entail rototilling the beds and getting them ready to plant, installing the drip irrigation, and continuing to build windbreak fencing.

We have gotten most of the seedling starts transplanted into bigger pots.  Tonight we did most of the peppers and Zina, in her Agrarian Hippie Chick get up, got them all watered down.


Ag hippie chick 1                  Ag Hippie Chick 2


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