Voila! Caught back up!

A foot of snow last Monday and torrential rain Wednesday….. 85 and sunny today.  Gotta love Colorado.  Finally the forecast is for 50 degree evenings and 70s and 80s in during the day.  Planting shall now commence!

I got the drippers installed on the garden today.  I got a pretty good case of sun stroke from being out there too long — Got WAY dehydrated.  Aaron helped me get the last dozen of the 36 lengths of drip tape installed and as soon as one of the mainline filters arrives the JAZ Farm will have water!

While I was doing that, Aaron and Zina took the plants out of the basement grow room and into the back yard to start hardening off.  In about 5 days the planting will being in earnest.

The city garden gets attacked tomorrow.  The place needs to be spruced up for the impending grandma visit and so the neighbors don’t call the cops for overgrown weeds!

I decided that it made the best sense to put the corn and sunflower patch on its own drip system as well, so Drip Works received another transfusion of cash from the JAZ Farm owners.

It is very exciting to actually be doing the farming work of the farm.  The beds really came together.  Now we cover them with the mulch and get too it.  Let the summer growing begin!

IMG_3336 IMG_3339

IMG_3341 IMG_3342