The Definition of Having Your Ass Handed To You

Grandma and I got the entire urban garden planted today.  What a job.  All 24 raised beds are in and ready to grow us some tasty food!  But not to get too big an ego, at the same time a storm super cell developed over the plains today.  On our way out to the farm we came through a fairly intense rain storm.  We got out in front of it but it was hot on our tails.  We had no idea how big this would get.

I have lived in the west for a third of my life.  I have seen just about every imaginable storm Colorado can blind side you with.  This hail storm was one of the most intense things I have ever seen.  The storm exploded over us.  The hail created a complete white out and it sounded for awhile like baseballs were pounding down on our roof.  The ground went white, the wind howled with at least 60 mph gusts.  We couldn’t see out the front windows and it sounded for all intents and purposes that at any second the windows would shatter.  I sat in the kitchen just hoping that it would pass quickly.  We had two vehicles out here and I couldn’t see if they were being dented beyond repair.

One thing was for certain, all 100 plants of 5 different heirloom variety peppers were completely stripped clean of their leaves… practically a total loss.  2 days ago they were absolutely gorgeous plants just hardening off waiting to be planted outside.  We don’t know if any will make it and am probably going to have to buy some seedlings if we are to have any all.

The storm past and I am happy to say that the house, the chickens, and the vehicles are all fine… so are we.  If all we lost was the pepper crop, we are pretty lucky.  To all wondering if the windbreak fences would hold up…. all are standing and doing fine.

Let the peppers be a reminder that we are nothing and nature doesn’t care.  Perseverance is the watchword for famers in climate 2.0.  I don’t usually cuss on this blog, but holy shit this was an intense storm.

We are once again mudded in and need to wait for all to drain.  Hopefully soon we will have our 200 yard drive filled in with recycled asphalt.  What an adventure.

Before:                                                                                        After:

IMG_3341 Dead Peppers



Oh ya…. and this couldn’t be the reason right?