Planting On The High Plains

So yet another thing to be nervous or anxious about.  The drippers are in.  The beds tilled, and two thirds of the garden is planted.  The worry…. “Will it all work?  Will it all grow?  What did I forget?  Oh god don’t let it be a disaster!  Agggghhhhh!!!!”

Chill Farmer Jon.  It has water.  The plants are practically completely planted in composted horse manure.  It is full sun, and the above ground plants are mulched with some pretty serious plastic.  SOMETHING has to grow!

I so appreciate all the help from Zina, Aaron and Grandma!  We got ourselves an assembly line going and the planting, while a challenge, is going great!  Aaron is putting int 37 drip tapes for the corn, beans and sunflowers.  If this all works it will be magnificent.  Of course…. a farmer is a natural born pessimist masquerading as an optimist.  The summer will prove itself… one way or another.

IMG_3376 IMG_3375 IMG_3374 IMG_3372 IMG_3370 IMG_3369 IMG_3368 IMG_3366

2 Weeks Old

The meat birds have exploded.  We have 30 of them and they have gone through a 40 pound bag of organic feed in two weeks.  They are pretty much eating machines!

If they keep this up they will need to go out into the coop next weekend.  They will get way too big for the brooder.

We let Basil sniff one yesterday.  So cute, she wanted more than anything to play with it like a dog toy.  After the picture below, she tried to gently mouth it from my hand.  I am not thinking this lab will ever be a flock guardian…. too much bird dog in her.

IMG_3365 IMG_3362