After having to absolutely berate the guys building our greenhouse I got a commitment to have the thing here at the end of March (with an added 8 feet to the length).  Thats about a week from now.  Hoping it will be here so we can build it in April.  The plants will have to have someplace to go in May so they had better be on schedule.  I am still very excited about its arrival but this has been the worst purchasing experience I’ve been through in a long time.  He will be getting an email from me tomorrow explaining that the 30 tons of top soil and 30 tons of compost arrive TOMORROW and the raised bed boxes have been built.  If he can’t deliver as promised I have an attorney who has volunteered to call to scare the crap out of him.  We expected this by January 1st.  We ordered it two weeks before Thanksgiving 2014.  No more nice.  Get it here or get sued.

Indoor 200- 2:2015 Seedlings 2015 IMG_0011 Greenhouse

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