The Greenhouse is shipping the Greenhouse is shipping!!

After many months and much frustration the greenhouse is coming in sections next week!  I took a chance and ordered in the compost for the outdoor beds and the topsoil for the greenhouse beds and emailed these pictures to the manufacturer.  The day of the soil delivery we got an email letting us know that the greenhouse plastic and hardware will arrive early next week and the frame a couple of days behind!  I am rounding up able bodied humans (my son and a friend of his) to come assemble the frame over Easter weekend.  It will be such a relief to have this thing out of my hair and useable!  Was worried we would end up in court because that was going to be my final straw!  Between the compost and topsoil the total order was 60 yards.  Just remember the next time you are at The Home Depot buying that little bag of compost that it is a gateway purchase.  It could end up like this!

compost 1 2015    compost 2 2015

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