The New Girls About Ready to Meet the Experienced Girls

The new chicks went out into the coop last week after living under the seedling tables for 2 weeks.  They need about one more week of growth and acclimatization so when the non-fenced meeting happens and the re-establishment of the pecking order commences they won’t get beaten up too badly.  Because nothing is easy, we have to round them up into dog crates on the eve of their introduction and wait for the big girls to go to bed on the roosts.  At night, when the adults are sleeping, the theory is to introduce them into the sleeping quarters while everyone is asleep.  When the adults wake up and because chickens are stupid, there is supposed to be much less upheaval than if we simply open the gate and let them in together.  We shall see.  There are already a couple of the new ones that could put some serious whoopass on some of the older girls.  If nothing else it will be entertaining!

newbies on the perch 1 newbies on the perch 2 New girls outside 2 2015 Dot 2015 IMG_3887 IMG_3883 IMG_3849 IMG_3882 IMG_3869

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