Everything Always Happens At Once

So not only did we get confirmation that the greenhouse has shipped, our feed store also tracked down some pigs for us.  It has been quite an ordeal and I had kind of written it off.  There is a very serious disease infecting pigs across the country and it did in the first litter we had reservations for.  Not wanting to lose an organic feed order, our feed supply store tracked down 3 weaners and they are delivering them next Wednesday!  We are hurrying to finish up the pen and are saving up our back to unload 2000 lbs of feed into our basement as well.  Other than the electric wire to keep them from tearing up the fences we are done.  Bring on the porkers!

Pig feeder 2015       Pig condo 2015

T minus one week!


T minus 5 months!!


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