The Greenhouse Continues to Trickle In

So the saga continues with the greenhouse.  About a month or so ago we got the plastic for the greenhouse.  Then more delays.  I reported them to the BBB and also sent copies of all the documents and texts that had been exchanged to my attorney.  This, of course, didn’t make the builder very happy but being the customer and we are into month 8 of what was supposted to be a 7 week delivery schedule, I figured I had been more than patient.

3 weeks ago, the roof corners and peaks arrived via Old Dominion.  Because it was so wet and our ground turns into brown snot when it is wet, we ended up unloading about 500 pounds of steel off the semi and into the bed of my pickup.  From there I drove it to the build site and unloaded it again!  I must be made of some seriously tough stuff because everything I do seems to be heavier than it should have to be.

So the peaks and corners have been sitting there awhile now.  The next tracking number arrived and Old Dominion was able to get the truck onto the property this time.  They arrived in the middle of a Tornado warning and I was a bit worried that the driver was going to be with us in our basement for awhile.  The Phd’s at the loading dock put the joists, door framing, and trusses all in the nose of the trailer – all 1200 lbs of it!  The also didn’t give the driver a skid jack with long enough forks to lift it up to roll it to the door.  Also, while in transit, the skid itself failed.  The 10 foot 2×4’s running the length of the skid were completely broken.  The driver and I jacked it up as high as possible and then heave hoed the whole thing the length of the trailer.  We couldn’t use the lift gate because it was too long.  So once again, we offloaded all of the steel by hand and I spent the next morning sorting it into lengths.

OH WAIT THERE”S MORE!  We have one more skid coming.  This will contain the ground railings, the caulking, the rebar ground anchors, and all of the screws.  It is now closing in on the middle of June.  It was supposed to be here the middle to end of January.  I had planned – once more – to build it over the 4th of July weekend.  I do NOT know if that will happen.  I sure hope I get to use it in the fall.  Pretty ironic that it was delivered in the awful Colorado spring weather  –  as it was supposed to be set up to help us get THROUGH that weather.  This has been the single worst purchasing experience of my life.  It looks like it is going to be one stout critter, but I will never ever work with this guy again.

IMG_0492 IMG_0532

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