Mini – Coop….. er

I have fingers crossed that I will have a whole summer to just tend the gardens and animals.  The 2016 projects are almost done.  Aaron is going to come out and assemble the chicken tractor for me next weekend leaving me free to install the drip irrigation to the  greenhouse.  We built the smaller coop for the babies to inhabit when they are about 4 weeks old.  They can’t go out with the adult chickens until they are similar in size otherwise there will be pecking and dominance issues.  There will be anyway but at least when re-ordering the flock they will be able to hold their own.  Also, because the new chicks are meant to replace the old church ladies who aren’t laying any longer, they won’t be around long anyway.

So I am eager and excited to have the construction stuff done!  Even having to do the last big project – the irrigation system – just knowing I am at an end for the year makes it much more bearable.  Pain is no fun and after awhile, if you don’t enjoy the fruits of your labor, the fruit starts to smell rotten.  Something I never want to have happen here.  After all, retirement calls!

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