The guys hustled this past Thursday to beat the freezing rain that came Friday.  Building in January, obviously, can be hit or miss.  They had planned on putting the roof on on Friday but the forecast called for 25 mph winds with freezing rain.  All of which came to fruition.  From experience, picking up sheets of anything out here in the wind can be pretty dangerous.  Especially when having to carry them up a ladder.  So here we wait to see the weather for Monday, which is iffy.  The rest of next week is supposed to be sunny and in the 50s.  We’ll take what we can get.  The fence is one section shy of being finished as far as it can be until the barn is completed.  There is another cement mixer that has to get in there before I can button it up.5E1A1BAE-0ABD-471E-A04F-3AA18AE81433CF21F76F-C905-4017-98A4-DA37F964A404578D4AC0-4FCA-4EC9-9042-487E03DE9EC2ADB6453B-1D73-4E8E-9B12-5329AB2957FE

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