So the blizzard has arrived.  It rained all night to start it all out so the snow is now piling over mud puddles.  Zina closed up everyone in the barn so all should be well.  The little bucks hunker down in a 12 foot hog hut and it has a wind break fence behind them so they are all toasty.  It isn’t exceptionally cold, its just a huge blow.

We are officially cut off from the world.  The highway is closed from Denver to the Kansas state line.  This is expected to last through noon tomorrow.

This storm made the barometric pressure plummet.  That is bad for folks with muscle and joint issues.  I had to take drugs first thing this morning.  I haven’t been this frozen up since surgery.  Mostly all better now.

The inter-tubes and the power are flickering so hopefully this gets posted before it all cuts out and we have to run on batteries.

Bombogenesis:  Native American word for Big Ass Storm.  Then comes the mud….. again.

One comment on “Bombogenesis

  1. tonytomeo says:

    It looks like sand on the beach. Yuck! Sand is . . . . sandier, but it is not so wickedly cold. I am two days behind schedule, so will see what you wrote about this afterward. Is that row of trees off in the distance cottonwoods?

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