Here Comes The Sun

We are looking forward to warmer weather coming this week and next so the drifts will melt off.  So are the animals, as they’ve been corralled and penned up the past few days.  It will be muddy, but the sooner it happens, the sooner I can finish the new garden boxes and covers.

Tomorrow new Chicks arrive!  30 little cheepers.  2 different kinds of broilers.

The seedling room is in full swing!  I transplanted the baby tomatoes into their grow out pots.  That means that the mini-suns had to be fired up.  The lamps have a new air filter, the fluorescents light the littler babies and now the halides are in charge of the tomatoes.  More will be put under them as they get replanted.  The tomatillos are ready and the peppers won’t be far behind.

Yes.  If we were powering those monsters from the power grid, this would be stupid expensive.  That’s why we are solar.  While the sun is up, the panels transfer the sunlight into the basement.  We could never grow these all out without them.  It’s 29 outside and even the greenhouse doesn’t hold enough heat overnight to get them all going.

Next up….. starting the onions.  Lots of onion.  We start them indoors because mice eat the seeds if we plant them out directly.


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