2 comments on “We live in Romper Room and Mickey Mouse Is Our Guru

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Okay, I couldn’t watch it any more than I could sit through the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ movie. As mentioned, California is one of the two other states that outlawed these single use plastic bags. Now we use much thicker and much more substantial bags that ‘can’ be used more than once, but never are. So . . . we are using MUCH more plastic than we did before. That is crazier than your video. We can’t use paper because that kills trees, and trees are part of the ecosystem that destroyed Paradise and other towns when it (the ecosystem) burned catastrophically because we can’t kill trees. Dang! You really have a way of getting me into a rant. I need to read something else, or watch ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’.

  2. aghippie says:

    When you pierce through the thin veil we call reality, you can’t unsee it. I don’t deal in the world of the consumer flat screen. One can deal with reality or go watch Blippy on You Tube. Our society is psychopathic. That is a turd that can’t be polished. I didn’t drop out to be a tinfoil hat, conspiracy theorist. I dropped out because everything about this Western set of living arrangements is rotten to the core and is irredeemable. Squandering a resource like oil to make bags. That is the mark of a mentally ill species.

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