This Is What $1100.00 Looks Like

The day started at 4:30 am today with a dog having “digestive issues” (She crapped all over the bathroom).  The latest prediction of snow/rain fizzled out and we got the Semi in here today!  50 yards of planting soil for the new beds and the gardens!  Yay!

Of course, as with the pigs, I didn’t actually expect them to bring the dirt today because they have to go almost to Wyoming to get it.  As a result, today’s projects changed a bit and I got down to one of my least favorite tasks, the annual tractor maintenance.  Of course, I couldn’t find my ratchet set.  Once found, I didn’t have the right sized socket.  Once I got the socket, I oozed transmission fluid onto the garage floor.  Cussed like a sailor at the filters cuz they wouldn’t come off and chewed out the Mechanical Engineers (this is a dig for my son) for putting them in the worst imaginable places.  But, after a day’s work, tending the critters, and the dirt in a pile where it is easy to get to with the front loader, we are all ready to go about the tasks of filling, covering and plumbing the remaining 9 beds and amending the orchard.  Fit Bit says over 10k steps today.  I’m such a couch potato.

Tomorrow may not be as many steps, as the tractor gets to do a great deal of the work.  I love it when things fall into place and the boss says, “We are a bit ahead of schedule, it’s ok to slow down a little now.”  Of course, I’m the boss AND the employee.  My volunteers never listened to me anyway.  But I am well on track to being able to focus just on gardening beginning the first week of May – The first time in the nearly 6.5 years we’ve been building this place.  There are other jobs to do, but this time they take a subordinate roll.  They aren’t crucial, not getting skunked this year, is.  I have my new little rolling gardening cart to sits my butt on whilst weeding. The water is where it should be.  We have 4 new apple trees. The existing one’s appear to be budding.  The drip irrigation parts have arrived and are in the garage. The plants in the grow room have lost their minds again.  The tractor is ready to roll and I am flippin’ pooped.  Not bad for an old guy with a rigid back.


Reminds me of the Triceratop poop in Jurassic Park.

One comment on “This Is What $1100.00 Looks Like

  1. tonytomeo says:

    At least the triceratops did not poop in the bathroom.

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