The Last Major Infrastructure Project is Done

I thought I’d cry when I turned the last screw on the last bed.  We did it.  Unless we are possessed by demons, the last big infrastructure project is over.  Sure there are always things to do, but unless we were to fence in another pasture for something like, say, cows, the farm vision has all the parts.  Smaller projects like the water tank, grow out pens, the orchard, brooder, some gates, and a fence around the gardens certainly aren’t small, but they aren’t mission critical and can be done over time.  Those are nothing compared to these big honking heavy things that I’ve broken myself over for the past six and a half years.  Today it was over 80 and with Zina as another set of hands, we got the hail covers on the beds that I placed and filled yesterday.  With a back that doesn’t bend, the getting up and down 36 times to screw on the supports wiped me out pretty good.  The drippers go on next and then we start to brainstorm the shade cloth.  Still haven’t figured out the best way to secure those yet.  In the past year we finished the barn and pasture fence, ran water to the greenhouse and the new barn, ran power to the barn, got goats, raised turkeys, adopted donkeys, and built 18 4×12 raised beds with covers (bringing our garden bed tally to 40).  Dunno about you, but I’d say that’s plenty.  I’m hiring out the goats to graze the area where we are going to plant the fruit trees.  Cheap help.

So very soon all of these:


Will go in all of these:


Its time to go part time with the JAZ Farm construction company and bring the farmer on full time.  I’ve been building for so long I wonder how tough the transition will be.  I’m willing to find out.  Looking forward to May.

One comment on “The Last Major Infrastructure Project is Done

  1. tonytomeo says:

    We never had it so orderly. It is one of my pet peeves, and has been a problem for us. It may seem trivial, but such simplicity and refinement is so much more efficient than chaos.

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