Ginger Watch. Place Your Bets!

Our little momma to be was found being a bit disoriented and tired in a corner on the donkey side of the barn.  Farmer Jon got the bedding down, the waterer and feeders filled and minerals doled out.  Ginger was very docile and tired and was more than willing to waddle into her delivery room.  I don’t know how to administer an epidural, but I suspect I’ll be spending quite a bit of time in the barn this week.  It was hard to just watch her lie down.  With those milk bags and her full pregnant width, if she could talk, I imagine she would be griping up a storm about not being able to get comfortable.

Place your bets!  I’m betting twins at least.  She is quite rotund.  We are at day 149 of 150 so things could go pretty fast from here….. or not.  From what I’ve gleaned, twins are common and triplets are not out of the question.  Will keep you posted.

One comment on “Ginger Watch. Place Your Bets!

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Oh, I am days behind. Whatever was going to happen has already happened.

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