The Garden Is Filling The Pantry


We are now in harvest daily mode.  The tomatoes are losing their minds as they usually do, the cucumbers are playing out, the giants – our sunflowers – are keeping watch, the onions came out yesterday and are mostly the size of racket balls (and very flavorful), we are being overrun with green beans and peppers.  The Habaneros are setting fruit and, if they continue, we will need to be drying them and grinding them into pepper.  The Cayenne peppers have exploded and will refill our cayenne pepper stock.  The Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, and Sage will keep us going for some time.  Our celery is up and salad ready.  We have over 50 lbs of cabbage heads.  The weights and lid for our crock are due tomorrow and we will be making and canning sauerkraut.  This weekend we will be harvesting black beans and more green beans.  The new spinach and Romaine lettuce seeds are due in from Johnny’s Seeds this week and they will go in the bean beds.  The beets are well on their way and our carrots, even though I didn’t thin them like I should, will give us a couple of bushels of can-able orange.  Today I planted the fall Broccoli and Cauliflower plants, tomorrow more onions will go in, and we are debating if we should even plant more cabbage. I have more than enough garlic so for the first time I won’t have to buy seed garlic for the October planting.  It is so nice, after surgery and a drought, to have the garden producing what I expect it to.

One comment on “The Garden Is Filling The Pantry

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Ah, I am not the only one who cans sauerkraut. I do it only because cabbage has a sneaky way of showing up all at the same, so gets made into huge batches of sauerkraut that finishes all at the same time. It is easier to can it than to watch it to make sure it does not go bad in a crock. However, I do not like cooking it in the process. I justify it in that most of it will get cooked with pork roasts anyway. I should probably can more plain (unfermented) cabbage. I just do not like canned cabbage much. Unlike unfermented cabbage, I can sauerkraut without pressure. Is that how you do it? Do you know how long it can last once canned? I have not found that it dissolves the lids any faster than canned tomatoes.

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