Windbreaks Completed

The windbreak fences were put up during some of the most intense winds I have experienced.  Because of the broken Jet Stream the air currents were coming straight out of the north and didn’t subside for 5 days.  We had sustained 30+ mph winds with gusts over 70.  I’ve heard this now referred to as Climate 2.0.  It is getting kind of crazy.  Anyway, because these are windbreaks designed to help keep the gales off of the plants I got to see the weak links immediately.  One post, because the concrete didn’t set right, got pushed.  Not pushed over, but enough to let me know where things needed to be reinforced.

I dug 15, 15 inch deep holes across from the posts, installed steel anchors into concrete and strung 2×4’s at roughly 45 degrees to each post.  This has made the wall very rigid and I doubt now that it will meet with any problems (unless of course it is a tornado – eek.)  It was a full day today but the south side windbreak is completed.  There is still a pretty big one to make on the north but that is going to have to wait.

Next week the beds get tilled and the weeds burned off and the drip tapes get installed.  The following week is planting season!  YAY!!  Right on schedule!  I was beginning to think we’d never get to this point.

Stay tuned!  The plants all have to grow yet too!  What an interesting adventure this has been.

May 12th we also get our first batch of broiler chicks.  JAZ Farm is on a roll!

Windbreak 1 Windbreak 2 Windbreak 3

One comment on “Windbreaks Completed

  1. Liz says:

    I was just wondering if putting the fences at a slight angle, deflecting the wind up & over, would make them more effective and longer-lasting.

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