Pre-Lunch and Pre-Dinner Have Arrived

Wouldn’t you know it – Mother’s Day weekend – which is supposed to be our “average” last frost date, was met with a spring blizzard.  The mountains got up to 3 feet of snow and the lower elevations around 5000- 6500 feet got around 5 inches to a foot!  At the same time, I received a text message from our hatchery that our roasting chicks had shipped!  Great.  Anticipating warmer weather (because it was in the 80’s the previous week) we set the brooder up in the barn.  Now… in the sloppy wet rain and snow it had to be taken down and the 300 gallon watering trough we use as the brooder had to be rolled around to the back of the house and into the basement.  It froze my fingers as the tank is made out of steel.  Now the brooder is set up in our exercise room.  Oh goodie!

I got a call from the post office at 8 am today (Monday) saying the chicks had arrived.  I got up there and got the cheeping box of fuzz balls in the rain and sleet.  I gave a little boy a thrill though.  He was about 3 years old and I let him look into the box before I left.  “Look Mommy!  CHEEKINZ!”  Everyone in line at the post office had a chuckle.

The little puff balls made it to the farm with no trouble and they are now happily eating, drinking, pooping and sleeping in their new 3 – 4 week condo stay.   After that they go out into the big coop for 4 – 5 more weeks.  It looks like mid-July will be chicken harvesting week. (It came in handy that the truck has heated seats.  I had them on the passenger seat and it kept them nice and toasty).

I read a quote once that said, “If you have an animal and it has a name, its a pet.  If you have animals and they have no names, they are food.”  These ones have no names; except for humorously saying that half are named lunch and the other half, dinner.  Aaron said we should name all of them Nuggets.

Now, between the layers in the big coop and the broiler chicks in the brooder we have over 60 birds.  Taking care of them will give us something to do until the garden dries out and we can get out to till and plant.




6 comments on “Pre-Lunch and Pre-Dinner Have Arrived

  1. Paul Jaeger says:

    What is that fabric you have over your wood chips? We currently have 25 meat birds we moved outside as they just turned 4 weeks old. We also just started putting up our cattle fence. Dug 115 – 18″x4’deep holes yesterday. We are using used RR ties for fence post since they are doing track work nearby and got them for $3.50 each delivered. That’s half the going rate for a T-post so we snatched them up. Now all we have to do is line them up and tamp them down, but of course it is supposed to rain a lot over the next week 😦 I did end up dropping one of those ties on my toes from about 4′ up as we were loading them on the forks to take out to the holes. Nothing broken, but I will definitely be limping around for a while. Next on the list is getting the foundation work done for the Quonset Hut barn that is sitting in the driveway. It makes me literally LOL when I see you doing many of the things we are at the same time.

    • aghippie says:

      The fabric is that rubber stuff you put on shelving to keep things from slipping around. We found if you keep that down for about the first week the chicks can scurry around and you don’t get any splayed legs. Once they’ve strengthened a bit we pull it out and then they are just on the chips. These little Cornish roasters are FAST growing little shits.

      Too bad about the toe! Won’t be the last time I promise! Next up… Planting… Then… Pig pen. This place is totally FarmVille now. What a freekin year! I am SiCK of building things!


      Sent from my iPad


    • aghippie says:

      4foot deep by 18 inch holes!? Dufuq are you digging with? You are like me! That is way overkill! Way to overbuild! Dem little doggies ain’t ever gettin out of there! My garden fencing was 36 inch by 9 inch holes with 8 foot posts and I concreted them all in. Go ahead you friggin rabbits! Just try gettin in here!

      Sent from my iPad


    • aghippie says:

      BTW did you hear that Randi Rhodes is quitting? Sounds like she is moving to Costa Rica. Sounds to me like a lot of we late 40 and 50 somethings are saying screw this. Looks like I might actually get the tiller out into the garden this weekend. About time!

      When you get some, send some pictures. Would love to see what you are doing:

      • Paul says:

        Didn’t hear about Randi, but good for her! The political landscape has been doused with now unhindered amounts of money from folks who have it and feel the need to rule. I’m guessing the SCOTUS’s recent decisions have something to do with knowing when to give up. Apparently you can hire a lot of idiots to repeat the memes you want to be part of the overall landscape for as long as you have the money to do so and still remain anonymous. That’s too much stress for any human to take on as a career. Logical arguments too often fall victim to the constant “kill the messenger” routine and seem to be the current champion of those who can’t face reality and choose to live the rest of their pathetic lives in a constant state of denial. Evidently we have a generation of adults that can’t see they are pawns in a much larger game no matter how many times you demonstrate it to them. Ignorance=Happy. Is apathy a virtue for people like us now?

      • aghippie says:

        Is apathy a virtue for us? Not apathy, detachment. Watch everything as though it is very compelling cinema: Platos cave, as it were. Then go farm and never think that anything in this delusion actually matters.

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