A SWING and a miss.

The mountains, the moisture and the heat have been spinning up super cells out here the past couple of days.  Yesterday one exploded over our farm.  Today, one developed along the front range and the tornado warnings sent Zina’s entire company into the basement of the building.  Out here we got warnings that yet another storm with vehicle and roof damaging hail was on the way.  This time we got the truck put away and some of the plants inside.   We brought up Radar Cast on the iPad and watched and waited.  Today, the storm headed ENE at a crawl.  Instead of the farm being ground zero, we were on the very southern edge and it missed us completely!  If I had to venture a guess it only missed us by a mile or so.  Hey Kansas!  Watch out!  This is a doozey.  Weather is showing that we should expect these beasties to pop up at least through Saturday.  Hopefully by then things will have dried out some.  Note to self:  Don’t consider trying to plant before Memorial Day weekend – even if they say the last average frost date is Mother’s Day.

IMG_3352 IMG_3350 IMG_3349 IMG_3348

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