Why We Are Going To Be Making Piggy Babies


Just wait until the Midwest flooding and livestock losses get factored into this as well.  You ain’t going to be eating bacon everyday for breakfast anymore.  Remember, China OWNS Smithfield foods.  They will ship the pork back to their country and leave us with the manure lagoons.  Futures up 60% YTD!!!

>>Demand from China is surging as African swine fever, a contagious diseasethat is nearly 100% fatal for domestic and wild pigs, has decimated that country’s hog herds.<<


“The global market won’t have enough pork to supply China,” Ma said Tuesday in an interview in Beijing. “The deficit won’t be filled even with poultry or other meats.”



“Today, Smithfield sends more than a quarter of its pork abroad, especially to China, which received nearly 300,000 tons in 2016. Part of what made the company such an attractive target is that it’s about 50 percent cheaper to raise hogs in North Carolina than in China. This is due to less-expensive pig-feed prices and larger farms, but it’s also because of loose business and environmental regulations, especially in red states, which have made the U.S. an increasingly attractive place for foreign companies to offshore costly and harmful business practices.”

Why Is China Treating North Carolina Like the Developing World?


One comment on “Why We Are Going To Be Making Piggy Babies

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Have I asked you about the Chines buying so much real estate in the Santa Clara Valley? It is not in the news. No one talks about it. No one seems to mind. I think it is really weird. As you know, some of the most expensive real estate in America is in the Santa Clara Valley. What were once affordable tract homes cost more than a 1.5 million dollars. Fancier homes are of course much more expensive. They get purchased by Chines people who ride around in mysterious black shuttle buses with Chinese script on the doors. They buy the houses without getting off of the buses. Then, the homes sit vacant. Multi million dollar homes just sit vacant. They are all over the Santa Clara Valley. It is creepy.

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