Woohoo! Preppers Be Wakin’ Up!!

I have been filtering through the Prepper sites, Homesteader blogs and video channels that I follow.  I can’t stand that most are kind of religious whack jobs and too often Preppers just come across as tinfoil hat wearing consipiracy theorists.  A huge number are seriously narcissistic and think that they are somehow “bestowing” their greatness and over inflated sense of self on the readers and viewers.  It’s something pretty serious that has affected me, and is a big part of my summer retreat,  so I’ve become selective.

I ran across Canadian Prepper whilst vacuum sealing pasta today and my jaw dropped.  Someone woke Up!  It isn’t comprehensive, but damn, even an admission is better than listening to people deny human involvement or worse yet, thinking we are going into a new ice age because of the sun!

Hats off my friend you made my day!



2 comments on “Woohoo! Preppers Be Wakin’ Up!!

  1. tonytomeo says:

    That is the same sort of impression I get from many of the ‘homesteaders’, like I mentioned earlier. I have not noticed the overly religious ones. I do notice most have a very unrealistic idea of how sustainable their situations really are. I find that those who want to make it some sort of fashion statement to be the most objectionable. Goodness; you can imagine what I must contend with just where I live, here in Santa Cruz County! Just trying to shop at the weird treehugger market is offensive. Buy a Prius and save the Planet.

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